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Asset Condition Surveys

Vine undertake asset inventory and condition site surveys to ascertain the location and condition of drainage assets. In order to properly manage your drainage infrastructure it is necessary to have accurate details of the location and condition of the drainage assets. This will provide the information required to prepare planned preventive maintenance schedules and include details of pipe runs and outfalls in case of emergencies (spillages etc.)

The level of detail provided in the survey can range from a simple visual above ground walk round survey to a more detailed locational level survey with internal inspection of all assets including survey and analysis of pump stations, on site trade effluent treatment plants and ancillary equipment.

For all types of survey it may be necessary to undertake a CCTV Survey to determine to connectivity of the system this has the added benefit of providing information on the structural integrity and the operational efficiency of the system.

On completion of the survey output information may include plans showing the location of the assets, operational manuals, asset condition reports and remedial action reports. This can provide the basis of an asset record manual against which maintenance and incident data can be recorded. It can also be used in association with an Environmental Management System such as ISO 14001.