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Open Spaces

Open spaces have a wonderful way of continuing to grow, but invariable this means that your maintenance liabilities and costs are likely to be doing the same thing! Fulfilling your S106 planning obligations should be a priority but need not be a headache. By drawing on our vast experience and our excellent relationships with Local Authorities across the UK we are able to effectively and efficiently determine the best exit strategy for your open spaces before co-ordinating the transfer process. This will help you reduce those growing costs, in some instances we may even be able to appraise the site and promote alternative layouts or species requiring less maintenance and hence minimising potential commuted sum values.

Whether disposing of your open spaces to either a public body or a private organisation we will work closely with you, the receiving organisation, your appointed contractors or our own approved contractors. We will ensure your open space assets are transferred with minimal fuss, this might typically include:-

✔ Landscaping plan technical approval
✔ Agreement terms appraisal
✔ Land transfer facilitation
✔ Commuted Sum negotiation
✔ Land registry investigations
✔ Tree Preservation Orders
✔ Arboricultural and Ecology Surveys
✔ Planning department Liaison
✔ Local Community Liaison
✔ Local Authority Liaison
✔ Remedial & Maintenance Work