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Exit Strategies

At Vine, we have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to develop exit strategies for individual sites, legacy site portfolios and large scale strategic multi company developments.

In determining the exit strategy for any site, we need to understand it fully and with our experience we would seek to: -

✔ Liaise with Local Highway Authority
✔ Review site layouts
✔ Review adoption status of all infrastructure and liaise with adopting authorities to identify outstanding issues
✔ Review section agreements to confirm requirements for bond reduction and release
✔ Determine internal dependencies between development phases and agreements
✔ Identify external dependencies on adjacent developments
✔ Review bond schedules and identify exit strategies to ensure that we:-
     ✔ Prioritise efforts and expenditure to maximise impact on bond schedule
     ✔ Minimise Overun Costs

Having reviewed your development site in detail and established a potential exit strategy, the most obvious next step is to determine costs to complete and assess the financial viability of exiting a site. At this stage we are not just looking at the infrastructure. To develop a true exit strategy, we want to understand your planning obligations and other cost obligations that will have an impact on your exit from the site and the discharge of all of your liabilities including residual land issues, overage or in fact any liabilities that cannot for whatever reason be disposed of.